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Jennifer Shrader Lawerence Plastic Surgery Pictures


So today’s celebrity is very special to me. This amazing actress is young, gorgeous and highly talented. I am talking about the girl on fire, the mocking jay (katniss Everdeen) Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer is my favorite actress and I love her work. My mad love for her made me do a deep and thorough research about Jennifer and shockingly found some startling fact about her. I really don’t wanna bad mouth about her, but on the other hand, it’s my duty to tell you guys everything; but before we start everything, lets at least give you a brief intro about who Jennifer is.

Jennifer Shrader Lawerence Plastic Surgery Pictures

Jennifer Shrader Lawerence also was known as J-Law, is a sensational American actress. The young and talented has managed to make her wake to the top of American entertainment and film industry in a very short span if time. Yes! She is very young. Jennifer was born in India Hills, Kentuck in the year 1990. She is just 26 and has turned out to be more popular that any other celebrity. Jennifer has always been a performer, as a kid, she used to be part of musicals and church play. At the age of 14, she was spotted by a producer and finally in 2007 she managed to crack into an American TV SITCOM. Jennifer got her big break in the year 2010 starring in the movie, Winter bones. After that, there was no stopping her. Since then she has managed to win various awards like Golden globes, Academy etc.

I know what she has achieved at such a young age is mind blowing. What’s even more shocking for me is that the perfect Jennifer does not think of herself in the same way. I mean that unsatisfied from her looks and the threat of losing all this fame and power made her undergo plastic surgery. Yes, to look more stunning that ever, Jennifer Decided to have Multiple Plastic surgeries. The good thing is, these cosmetic treatments went perfectly fine and she has never looked better than this. So let’s reveal to you the latest secret behind that beauty  Here are some details of Jennifer Lawerence Before And After Plastic Surgery


I don’t know why Jennifer needed this? I can admit that no one in the world has better lips than her. Specialist says that better lips help to improve the level of performance. According to them, earlier Jennifers lips were smaller and slimmer. Now the puffed up and widened lips help her to improve her work. She can give better expressions, her smile is wider, the puffier the better and the most interesting part that lipstick stands out well.

Jennifer Shrader Lawerence Plastic Surgery


Rhinoplasty is another term for a nose job. Yes, Jennifer has had a nose job and she confidently agrees to that fact of gone through one. She said she had a nasal problem. She had to have an adjustment of the septum to look more attractive for her roles. Also, the tilted septum caused her breathing problem. So the nose job finally took place, and her nose has never looked better. If I was a cannibal I would have eaten it up.


Although I am not sure, but a rumor came to me last week and I couldn’t help to overhear the fact. This process is also called eyelift. Jennifer has gone through this to make her eyes look better. The thickness of upper and lower eyelids have been removed. Plus all the sagging and dark patches have been fixed for the greater good. The improved eyes of Jennifer will make you fall for her. Another good example is Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos.

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