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4 Motivational Movies for your Fitness Freak

Inspiration has no bounds when the sources are as fun as movies in all genres. If the fitness bug has already bitten you then there is no way in which you can turn down these movies.The silver screen has a bevy of good qualities of movies for you and trusts the characters and plots will relate.

Rocky Series

When we talk about fitness and onscreen presentation, then no one can deny the power and aura created by the Rocky series. 6 movies under the banner for the genre of sports were inspiring and a model of delicate and diligent work. Go grab the DVD’s of  Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, Rocky V and Rocky Balboa.

The plot revolves around an ordinary man who traversed the journey of becoming an elite boxer of all times, the movie displays his training scenes in a pretty realistic and enthralling way. Two things we all can recall are the stunning body structure of Sylvester Stallone from ROCKY 4 and the theme song of Rocky III – “Eye of the together”.

Pumping Iron

Movie was built on the shoulders of Arnold Schwarzenegger, he is still an equal source of inspiration for fitness freak as he was in 1977. The movie was a blockbuster was the reason as fit as Arnold, movies based fitness models proved to be a hit in 70’s might be way ahead than their time.   The plot was the movie was inspired with the hardships faced by professional bodybuilders. It takes you through a detailed journey and features a bevy of amazing bodybuilders together.

 Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

A Bollywood biographical flick was not expected to garner such positive fame. The movie is the right mix for history preachers, drama enthusiasts, music lovers and of course fitness freaks. The movie serves you with the needed amount of inspiration by giving an onscreen platform to the life of one of the best athlete ever produced by India: Padma Shri Milkha Singh, also known as the “Flying Sikh”. Farhan Akhtar in the lead has done complete justice to the role and his efforts to get into such kind of chiseled body was well received and appreciated.    

 Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby was all about how three attributes of Determination, Perspiration, Inspiration are always underestimated. Million Dollar Baby talks about a woman who sacrifices every other pleasure to achieve her understanding of bliss point that was being a well-known lady-boxer. The movie is different from other because the leading lady comes faces a whole new lot of troubles.

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