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How Digestion Affects Health?

A layman may fail to understand the relationship between the digestion system and health. The sound digestive system is what you need to overcome all types of problems thrown at you or quoted in other words, ” it’s the last trouble you would want to have”.The digestive system determines how happy you would want to be, that’s why people diet or eat after thinking twice. All our day to day activities represents the level of functioning of our digestive system. This conclusion is not based on mere observations, rather it’s particularly proven from various credible sources like ancient era sages, health practitioners. 

If we can’t digest our food, and if our food isn’t real or recognizable by the body, the digestive tract function will become impaired. As a result, all organ systems in our bodies will begin to malfunction.There is hardly any expert out there, who can tell you the details completely because there is always something to unravel and the facts come with the ability to leave you surprised.

 You need to understand one thing that all your body and its parts are interconnected, there is no substitute for good health. As you all know, psychiatric patients usually suffer from digestive problems. Their unhygienic inner system makes their body an ideal breeding ground for bad bacteria, yeast, and fungus, they act as hurdles in the process of digestion.  for more tips take a look at

Digestion and Genes

It’s seen several times that you tend to inherit digestive problems from your parents especially mother during the gestation period if she herself had troubles. “When a baby is born, it acquires the flora of the mother during its passage through the birth canal. If the mother has a history of antibiotic or contraceptive use and poor digestive health, her flora will likely be unhealthy. If she does not breastfeed her baby, the gut flora of the child will be further compromised. The infant will often develop digestive problems such as colic, bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, feeding difficulties, intestinal damage, and malnourishment very early in life and is typically afflicted by a host of allergies. The child usually has frequent ear infections treated with many rounds of antibiotics, which only make the situation worse.”, quoted from the Weston A. Price Foundation website.

You can attribute your good digestive system to good Genetic history, parents’ health and nutrition level at the time of delivery and environmental conditions. The relationship between diseases (especially chronic) and digestive system has been coming out of wraps. Here is a list of few points that one should take care for trouble free days:

  1. Least intake of fizzy beverages while taking your meals.
  2. Binge on water only, keep yourself well hydrated.
  3. Prefer peppermint or ginger tea, Kombucha and bone broth for the exceptional level of minerals.
  4. Say no to processed, packaged, and junk foods especially the ones prepared using excessive sugar content
  5. Sugar and other preservatives can easily weaken the digestive tract and spread chemicals, toxins.
  6. Rely more on food cooked at home, pasture eggs, organic products, milk, butter, cheese, cream, yogurt, buttermilk, buttermilk, and sour cream.

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